Sunday 28 January 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 31

I have very little knitting to report on this week.  That is not to say I have not done any, just it's been on two projects and one of those I cannot show yet. 
What I can report on is my dress - or should I now say dresses!  I made a second Coco dress this morning.
I have made the Coco dress before, but it has never looked brilliant as I have always used what I now believe to be the wrong fabric.  I bought some fabric in the Christmas sales - some jersey and I love the way this looks.  So I have made two.  First up the red one

I have worn this a lot already - unknown for me, I have only ever worn a dress on a night out before.
And now I have a blue version
Now I just need a little cardigan to go with them!
Otherwise this week I have mostly been working on Penguono.  I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this.  I love the construction, being little sections which magically fit together.  I love the fact you can use all the colours and all the stash.  I can't wait for it to be finished then I can plan my next Stephen West.
I have also been working on the test knit but cannot show that so that is that.  I hope everyone has a brilliant week.


  1. Wow, two new dresses, that's impressive. They look lovely. Penguono looks really interesting. If I didn't have a gazillion WIPs already...

  2. Those dresses are fantastic and I love the colour of the first one. Now I have to go look up the Penguono pattern. I love interesting constructions. Can't wait to see your testknit ;)

  3. Those dresses are great. I could see them with leggings and/or tall boots. It is a great pattern and looks like it would work for many body types.

  4. What a great little dress! Absolutely the jersey fabric gives it exactly the right drape. You could even wear one as a tunic over leggings? Nice!

  5. You sew dresses that fit! Amazing! I'm still fighting to learn how use my machine.
    That scarf looks like it's fun to work, and it will be so striking when it's done.

  6. I have never sewn with knits but I need to give it a go as they are so comfortable. 2 dresses and 1 before noon? You ARE amazing as I say each and every time. They look really cute on you too.
    LOVE, love, love the Penguono! It's been in my favorites for awhile now and yours is so cool!

  7. I'm laughing as I click the link that brought me here - wondering how Lucy was going to amaze me again (making a dress in a few hours). Your new dresses are lovely! And you've inspires me to at least THINK I should try making one. I have leggings, but nothing quite right to wear with them. This would be perfect! I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me to find a pattern and just make a simple long tunic/dress. Now, we'll see if I actually do it, but thank you, Lucy. The dresses really do suit you.

  8. Cool Coco dresses! They look terrific on you. How versatile they are.