Sunday 21 January 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 30

I seem to have done quite a lot this week, except wear and photograph the dress I made last week.  I shall definitely do that for next week!

I have some FO's this week.
I finished Chuck (and have sewn in the ends at the time of writing).  I love it, apart from the fact I didn't quite have enough yarn to make long sleeves which is my preference.  I will see if I can get a modeled photo of that next week as well.
I also finished the first three tiny socks for my advent garland.  I am very excited by these and already have the next three lined up.
I am going to leave the long tail until I know what I am going to do to suspend them all!
I have been working a little on my new year sock cast on - just a simple pattern I'm making up as I go.
I have done a lot on Penguono this week as well.  I actually can't wait to have this done as I think it will be fabulous (in a wear around the home type of way!)
Finally this week I have started another test knit for Ruth at Knitterarium.  I've only just started these so have very little to show even if I could show you, but here is the yarn!
It is my son's 10th birthday tomorrow (where did that go?)  - he decided he wanted a tiger cake for some reason, so here we go.


  1. Love the tiger cake! That brings back memories of little boys' birthdays. :) Your Chuck jumper looks amazing. In fact, it's far more amazing than the name would suggest. Wondering if there's a story there, I'll check it out after I post here. And those advent socks are just adorable, Lucy. You and your kids will enjoy that next year. I hope you show us how you set it up come next Advent season. Happy Birthday to your 10 year-old!

    1. Huh. I checked it out and there's no story. lol Well, Chuck is amazing, nonetheless!

  2. Your sweater is great and look at you go with the advent socks - (I have yet to cast on an advent knit - hmm maybe this week). The cake is amazing - you have a busy day ahead. Me too - we are cooking a turkey dinner as my brother, nephew and son are visiting for the weekend. Whew.

  3. Chuck looks great. Sorry the sleeves aren't as long as you'd like. I'm always pushing up my sleeves so 3/4 length sleeves work best for me :)

    Cute sock. With those slipped stitches it looks a bit like Vanilla Bean striped socks pattern.

    Have fun at the birthday party!

  4. Yea.......Chuck is done. It is beautiful. Best color ever lol.

    Your mini socks are so stinkin' cute. They will make the perfect advent calendar.

    The penguono is such an interesting design. I am trhing to wrap my head around it and am having issues with it. I have seen a finished one and really like it. Once you finish yours you will not want it strickly for in the house. It will need to be shown off.

    Enjoy that test knit. I do like the colors you have chosen for it. She writes such great patterns.

    I am suoer impressed with the tiger cake. It's almost too pretty to eat.........almost lol.

  5. Yay for tigers! I love tigers as I was born in the that year. You did a terrific job on it. I like your Christmas colored socks. Is that Mina's Mistletoe pattern or the popular Pixel socks one?