Sunday 8 July 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 2

Today I thought I would do a quick audit of the projects that I have on the needles.
I do have a finished object.  I started and finished a pair of gloves for Daniel.  He wanted green, so green it is.  These are from the Knit mitts book by Kate Atherley. They were really fun and easy and will be casting Thomas on some very soon.
These are all of my active wip's.  I have two more, but I haven't worked on those in a while. 
In no particular order.
My market bag - now I have picked this back up I am motoring along.  I am looking forward to being able to pack this in my bag for those surprise shopping trips!
I am also getting there with my headband/turban.  I want this to be ready for when we go camping, but that should be easily done.  I am using leftover John Arbon textile yarn.
I have another pair of shortie socks on the needles, but I am not very far on with these.  I am only working on these if we are out and about or if I get too hot with the other projects.  (We are having a bit or an unusual heatwave here in the UK)
My Quiet Stars is coming along nicely - I am working away down the first sleeve, but it is a bit hot to work on at the moment.
And Waters is coming along as well.  Now I am a way down the body the neckline doesn't look too bad but I will still look to bring it in a bit.
And I think that is all.  Most things are nearly there so I am really looking to finishing  few things and getting new projects on the needles!

Well that is me for this week, for more of the same and to see what the other yoppers are up to click the link in the sidebar.


  1. Lots of great WIPs there. I heard about your heatwave. The weather is so weird and unpredictable these days. We seem to be getting unseasonable cool weather and rain - good knitting and netflix weather. lol.

  2. I love the knitted gloves, Lucy! Bright green is such a fun color - and ought to able to be easily spotted if lost in the snow. :)

  3. I love those gloves! They look so neat and tidy, how did you manage that? Mine always look like I've already wrestled dragons with them.

  4. Those gloves are so cool especially in that color that is so trendy right now. I bet he loves them! Thanks for telling us about the book too. All your projects are coming along but when it is hot you don't want to accidently 'felt' your projects! LOL! It's hot here too but I have AC so I can knit whenever...for a price!

  5. Beautiful WIPS!
    Ali @SimplySummerStreet

  6. Fabulous gloves and you have some terrific WIPs there. The muted purple on the Waters particularly appeals to me.

  7. Love the gloves, especially the colour. Your WIPs are great especially the Waters.

  8. Wow, you have been very busy this week. So many projects going and all of them receiving love from you.

  9. The heat really is a deterrent for crafting lately. But we had a unseasonably couple of cool nights so I sat outside and worked on a blanket. I prefer the heat but not quite to this level! Your shorty socks are too cute and the color is so happy.
    Daniel's glove will make him the envy of all his friends this winter! Love that color too.

  10. Good for you for finishing gloves! Knitting all those fingers and weaving in all the corresponding ends makes me bonkers. They are a lovely bright green too - no losing those!

  11. Love all the WIPs and looking forward to seeing them grow. The gloves are lovely!

  12. Lots of great projects! And oh my gosh I love those gloves!!!