Tuesday 31 July 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 5

We have had a little break from the hot weather this weekend in the form of thunder storms and torrential rain - just as we went camping!
Oh well, we weren't there for the weather, we were there for the car racing.  As a result I am a little late in posting this week.

I have a couple of finished objects this week.  I finished Waters the other day, and today I finished my Landers pants for the outfit along hosted by Andi Satterlund.
The waters is knit from Blacker yarns Lyonnese (which is a linen blend).  Now just to make clear, the sweater is unblocked and the trousers are unpressed so that I could take a (very bad) photo for the outfit along, which finishes today.
I have finally cast on All the Love by Joji Locatelli.  I am knitting this in Treskillion yarns and is beautiful at the moment.
I also cast on another Joji pattern, which is the Cables Down the Back pattern (socks).  Again I'm loving this pattern too.
Last week me and the boys went into London and whilst there, we went to Wild and Woolly, where I may have bought some yarn.
I have wound the yellow and grey yarn to make a Nasreen (a pattern from the last Pom Pom magazine).  The Garthenor laceweight has been wound to make a pattern from Marlisle (the book from sweater spotter in her new technique of the same name), which I have cast on.  These are going to be mitts for my dad for Christmas.
And that is that for this week.  This week is operation clear out as the house is bursting at the seams with stuff!  This was us at the racing in a rare moment of sun!


  1. Love your finished outfit Lucy for the outfit along! I really like the Treskillon yarn and all the wips are lovely! Best of luck with the clear out!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your time camping at the race track - even if you did get rained on. It sounds like a good memory maker. Your top, even unblocked, looks great, Lucy. As do your Lander pants.

  3. Loving both the sweater and the trousers - together and separately!

  4. Cute sweater and pants. I have been admiring the sweater from the beginning.

    You have some great new projects started. Really fascinated with the socks.

    A day at the races sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. Look at how much you accomplished! What a lovely outfit that makes...I really need to sew as my wardrobe is pitiful. I love your new yarns and the shawl and socks....really nice projects and yarn! Glad you had a little sun to watch the races!

  6. Joji has such lovely patterns. I like the colour you chose for it. Well done on the outfit - sewing trousers is something I haven't tried since my teens!