Sunday 15 July 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 3

It's hot here.  The thing is (and I am not usually one for complaining) I don't live in the UK for heat.  I live here for it's unpredictable weather and generally cool and dreary nature.  Surely it can't last much longer?

Anyway I have an FO!
My market bag is finished.  I am very happy with it and used it this morning.  In fact it was only while I was walking down the road with the boys, that I realised I matched my bag perfectly.  I was wearing my Zinone made from the exact same yarn (Blacker Lyonesse) and both matched my trousers (which I did not make) which were the same colour.
I also finished my second Cleo dress by Tilly and the Buttons. I love this as you can wear it with anything underneath to make it summery or wintery.  I shall be wearing it to school this week as the weather is set to stay hot, for the last week of term  yay!
Due to the heat I did little work on my 2 sweaters, but I did finish one sleeve and start the next on Quiet Stars
I also started another pair of socks in an attempt to join in with the Joji Locatelli sock KAL - I am knitting cables down the back and see if I can finish in four weeks.
So there we go, that has been my crafting week.  Hope everyone has a good week


  1. Your projects all look wonderful, Lucy. Glad to see another YOPper's Market Bag this week! :)

    I hear you on hot! It's been a scorcher here, too, but I guess we at least expect a stretch or two of 90 - 100 (Fahrenheit) degree days a few weeks out of each summer. The only thing that's making summer tolerable here is that we've had a lot of rain so far, and while it FEELS like an oven outside, it's actually pretty beautiful still. Very green, and skies (when it's not raining) have been the most clear blue. None of that is normal for the middle of July in Indiana. As pretty as it is, though, I'm well and truly looking forward to Autumn - and frankly... even winter.

  2. Love the Cleo dress. Looks super cool and comfy. I love market bags and so happy to see you and Becki also enjoy them. I can't even imagine trying to work on a sweater in the heat.

  3. Great market bag, you know you can send some your heat down here (NZ), it is freezing!

  4. Oh, I love that Cleo dress, it looks lovely! And the market bag is great, I really like that calm, muted colour.

  5. It's hot here too but it's supposed to be! LOL! Your regular weather sounds perfect to me...I love rain, dreary, snow blowing....this heat and sun is annoying! LOL! My relations are from the UK and Northern Ireland so maybe it's in my genes? I love the Cloe dress and the fabric you chose. The sweater is coming along despite your heat. Socks are on my list for sure and I'll have to check out the KAL! I hope you get rain and cooler temps soon and me too!

  6. Ooo, the Quiet Stars is gorgeous. Lovely yarn choice!

  7. I love the Cleo dress! It will be wonderful to wear in this weather. It's hot over here, too, but I try to enjoy it while it lasts, which usually means admiring the beautiful sunshine from inside the cool, breezy house. ;-) It's great weather for the grapes, though, they are going to be so sweet and lovely.

  8. Well done on finishing your bag, which must be really handy and will be great for the summer! I just love your Cleo dress Lucy and I'm now thinking I may need to add one to my list, which is already long! but yours is just so gorgeous! The knitting as always looks great.