Sunday 8 January 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 29

 I feel like it has been a bit of a week!  The weather hasn't been great and work has been trying to say the least!

Anyhow  being cosy at home is fine - we have put away all of the decorations and today is the last day I will be using my Christmas mug for another year.

The only knitting I have done this week is on my garter marler sweater, and am now powering down the sleeves.  I am doing the concurrently so I do the same on each.

This is the garter marler sweater by Stephen West and I am using lots of stash yarn and leftovers, which is great.  I hope to have it finished by next week 🤞
Otherwise I have been doing a few things for my 50 things in my 50th year!  Mostly ones that I want to keep up all year such as my photo a day and my gratitude journal.  Both of which,  I can report, I have done every day!  Other things include, more yoga (I've done a bit every day) and cooking every recipe from a recipe book.  The book I  have chosen is this one.

Every thing I have done so far have been lovely,  today I will be cooking up 

And that is it for this week, I hope everyone has a safe and cosy week 😊 


  1. Oh, I hate putting away the Christmas things. I use my "Christmas" mug through January since it's just holly leaves and berries. To me it's wintery versus Christmas. I did put away my Santa mug though. When I was working a had a different seasonal mug for each month. It was fun. That soup today sounds wonderful. Glad this special year is off to a great start.

  2. Christmas comes down at our house tomorrow. Your sweater is moving along nicely. You have some great goals. What a great idea to choose a recipe book and cook everything out of it. A photo a day is fun too. I always forget to take photos of occasions. Hopefully this coming week goes a bit smoother for you.

  3. I’d happily take down the decorations straight after Boxing Day but I wish I kept my Christmas mug out all year, it’s a red mug with Pooh bear dressed as Santa and I swear my tea tastes better out of it than all my other mugs. The sweater sounds great that you can use up lots of scraps. I have a lot of Aran weight scraps I need to eventually find a project for, what weight is your pattern? Actually I’ll go check now in Ravelry.

    1. Doh! Forgot to say that was Liz

  4. Yes I always put away the christmas things on Epiphany. Feels good to have it tidied away for another year.

  5. We put our holiday away on January 2. Love the marled sweater!

  6. The sweater is gorgeous and just from using scraps? Wow! I love it. Good for you on your progress on 50 things....such a great idea....I would have to have 74....a bit overwhelming for me! LOL! I still need to put decorations away but today is baking and cooking, laundry, ironing etc. I miss cooking and eating what I want and I especially miss the veggies. I can't have any nuts, seeds or skins. That cook book looks good.

  7. The sweater is AWESOME! I haven't made a sweater in months and I feel antsy.
    I like cleaning up after the holidays! It makes my house feel bigger!
    I also love that you are doing so many things for yourself this year! This year, mine is flossing EVERYDAY. Going from 2-4 times a week on average to everyday has felt very doable so far. I just want my dentist to stop telling me to floss more.