Sunday 29 January 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 32

 Blimey,  it's nearly the end of January!  On one hand it feels as though January has been never ending,  but in other ways I can't believe it is nearly February. 

We went away last weekend and had a great time, but very little crafting was had!

I have made a start on my Reduplicate shorts.

This is using some repurposed tarn from a frogged sweater, so I feel quite virtuous!

I have made a bit of progress on my two pairs of socks   but not really enough for a photo.

I didn't cook much from the cookbook this last week  but I have been keeping up my photo a day. 

I also caved and purchased yet another mug fro. Mary Wright ceramics last week. 

We went to Manchester this last week to visit the Man City football stadium - it was surprisingly good and Thomas really enjoyed it, which was, of course, the point!

We also went for a walk to the local lake again today - it was beautiful as always.

And that is it for this week - I hope you all have a great week.


  1. I love mugs and have lots of them. I have a special one for every month besides all my knitting related mugs. Your new mug is super cute and would be a nice reminder that spring is coming. I'm excited about the futball season starting here in the US. I have a season ticket for our local team but sadly I will miss the first 3 games since we will still be in Florida. Fingers crossed we have a good season.

  2. Liz here…what a sweet mug, Maureen is right it’s a lovely one for the approach to and when Spring finally gets here. January has seemed endless to me…I’m ready for it to be March never mind February 😂

  3. What a sweet mug. Pretty color for your shorts. Sounds like your trip was a hit with a young man

  4. I am currently in love with Emma Bridgewater ceramics. I want one of her Robin mugs and maybe her biscuit tin that looks like a! Are those going to be shorts in wool? I'll have tro look up that pattern. Happy February!