Sunday 15 January 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 30

 It has been a bit of a dismal week weather wise!  A bit windy and a bit rainy - still, some parts of the country have flooded and we haven't really had that, so can't complain.  We also had our shower fixed this week (broken since start of December) which has just been lovely. 

In knitting news,  I finished the garter marler sweater and am busy wearing it right now!

I absolutely love it  - it used lots of stash and is cosy and perfect for getting home from work and putting on whilst it is getting chilly.

Now that is finished I was a bit at a loss as to what to cast on next.  I hadn't got a sweater in mind for a moment so had a bit of a look through my Pompom magazines to see what caught my eye. 

I have settled on the following for a moment:

Reduplicate - shorts - Just fancied these as something a bit different!

Some socks to wear with walking boots - I wanted to knit these years ago, and have seen several along these lines in my magazines  so have cast them on.

Both projects will use stash yarn, so that is good!

On the fifty things side - I have continued with my photo a day and gratitude journal.  I have also been making my way through the Ainsley Harriott cookbook and have made some lovely bits this week including a mac and cheese (that I have never made before) and a carrot and orange loaf.

And I think that is that - I may not post next week as we are in Manchester for Thomas's birthday - so have a good couple of weeks.


  1. Never made mac and cheese?? That's heresy here in the States. Or was this just a new version of the old classic? Your sweater looks great! Wishing you a wonderful birthday year.

    1. In the UK it doesn’t come in a box of powdered cheese, you make a white sauce from scratch and add grated cheese.

  2. YUM! Mac n cheese. One of the four food groups in the States LOL. I have enjoyed seeing your daily photos on IG. Your sweater looks great and the fit is perfect. Enjoy Manchester!

  3. Love mac and cheese. Great comfort food! Your sweater does look comfy and you wear it well!!

  4. Liz here…that’s a great looking jumper, it’s snowed again up here so I suspect you’ll get quite a bit of wear of it before it warms up.

  5. Lovely finish!!
    Mac and Cheese: I concur with the sentiment that it is quintessentially American!
    I hope you have fun on your trip!