Sunday 11 October 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 15

Again a little progress has been made.
Firstly to show the test knit from the last few weeks.  It wasn't socks (I led you astray with the taat - I did them taat but they were mitts!)

The pattern is Dagda by our own lovely Ruth.  It is a gorgeous pattern, easy to memorise, but with lots of fabulous detail.  It's a fairly fast knit, perfect for gifting, so fab as a present this Christmas, and there is time to knit a few!
Yesterday, I finished my first colourwork sock and I love it and it fits!  In answer to some of your questions last week, I had forgotten to go up a needle size for the colourwork, but Lynn said to knit them inside out so as not to tighten the colours too much, so that is what I did.  And they are snug but comfy so I'm really glad I did.

Now onto the next...
We are at Brands Hatch today so it's another busy weekend, next weekend I hope to slow down a little and catch up with some knitting and hopefully some sewing.
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  1. Oh I do live that colour work sock and Lyn is just a font of sock knowledge! Thank you for being a tester you did such an awesome job.

  2. Your Dagda are lovely too! How pretty is that reddish color. And the colourwork sock is beautiful. :^) Hope you had a great, if busy, weekend!

  3. Love the mitts! Really nice details, especially those wavy lines running the length of them! And the length is perfect too - long enough to tuck up into the sleeve of your coat, and short enough that your fingers are free to find a subway token in your change purse!

    Your first colourwork sock looks great. Glad the advice was useful. Sometimes I'm afraid my comments paint me as a "bossy boots" which I don't intend!

  4. The details on the mitts are really pretty.
    I've yet to try colorwork socks, but I think I'd go up a needle size. I cannot imagine doing colorwork inside out!

  5. How pretty are those mitts! Adding them to my queue :)

    The socks look good, I'm not confident enough at colourwork to try it with socks yet, I need to improve my tension with it first

  6. Beautiful mitts, and I love the colourwork on the sock too!

  7. Such a pretty color you used for your mitts--and such a gorgeous pattern from Ruth. I am hoping to try some colorwork mitts soon....we shall see how that works out for me! Hope life has slowed down a bit for you....