Tuesday 13 October 2015

One test knit and some hot water bottle covers!

The test knit was released last week, so I am now at liberty to share. They are gorgeous mitts by Ruth at Celtic knits, they are called Dagda.
These are a fabulous easy to memorise knit that would make a great Xmas present and you still have time to knit several pairs!
I have also been knitting a few things for the stall - some hot water bottle covers to be exact.  Now I'm doing some baubles.

I also finished one colourwork sock - now to start the next.
I am still at the same place in the Seas - it's not that I haven't enjoyed it, it's just I've been enjoying my knitting too much.
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  1. Ohhh hot water bottle covers *covet*
    We have three very ugly blue covers on ours.

  2. The hot water bottle covers are delightful and your mitts are so cute!

  3. Everything is great, Lucy. I do love those hot water bottles, too. :^)

  4. beautiful test knit and I love the design details. I've never knit a hot water bottle cozy as of yet...love the idea though!!

  5. The details on Ruth's mitts are so pretty!!

  6. I love those mitts. Good job on them. Thanks so much for popping over to mine and leaving your lovely comment. The blanket makes progress as we speak!