Wednesday 28 October 2015

Yarn Along - There's Something Spooky Going On

It's our half term break, much needed by all, and the clocks went back, not needed as since we have been up at 5:30am every morning!
So what have we been up to?  We went to Hever Castle on Monday and took part in some ghoulish goings on!
We also visited a farm near us well known for its Halloween festival.  My boys don't really do spooky and they certainly don't like rides, but they do like a good trail and love carving pumpkins, so we are now ready for the latter.
I have not been idle in this time, I finished my socks at the weekend and wore them today.
I have made good progress on Rhombing around, I am now torn between finishing the body in my second colour, saving my main colour for the arms, or finishing my main colour on the body and finding a match in stash to do the arms.  I don't honestly think I have enough to do the body to the length I want so I think it will have to be the first option.
Having finished my socks, I'm feeling a little low on WIP's!!  So I cast on a vest top in some new Louisa Harding yarn I just got.
I shall of course, need some new socks to CO, not sure what pattern now but do have a hankering for some lovely self striping - maybe this yarn?
Reading has not been progressing well and I think I may have to abandon The Seas for a read that keeps my attention.
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  1. Those socks are gorgeous!! Can you actually believe that you made them with your own two little hands? I find it a most extraordinary thing, turning wool into a wearable object.

  2. I love your socks, such pretty colors. I also really enjoyed looking at the things in your shop - you have some really great stuff. I'm with your boys - I'm not much into spooky either, but love carving pumpkins! Love the blue yarn you have there!!